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About DST

Key Personnel

Kimberly N. Speed
Director, Administration

Kimberly N. Speed is currently the Director of Financial Services/Administration where she oversees and manages corporate administration and provides financial services throughout the entire company. Kimberly has over seven years of experience in the financial, operations, and administrative arena at DST. Kimberly is concluding her master's degree at the University of Phoenix in which she will finish in Spring 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from South Carolina State University where she held numerous leadership roles as Vice President and Secretary of the Student Government Association. Kimberly is currently serving on the Board of Directors with DST in which she has contributed to policy changes, business development, and growth of DST.

Jonathan Speed
Nancy C. Speed
Executive VP/CFO
Dave Webb Sr.
VP, Test and Evaluation
John Phillips
VP, IT Solutions
Lisa Scottorn
VP, Finance and Control
Kimberly Speed
Director, Administration
James Evans
Sr. Program Manager
Charle M. Coffin Jr.
Program Manager
Steve Puffer
Program Manager
Dennis M. Conlon
Program Controller

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