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Training & Development

Want to be the best? We'll help.

From the day you walk through the door at DST, you will be encouraged to succeed. You will be given the right tools and resources, as well as open access to fellow experts and management.

We take your career management as seriously as you do, because when you succeed, our customers succeed, and we all prosper. That's why we offer career management tools, a best practices curriculum for managers and tuition reimbursement programs to help you update and expand your skills, and a continuing performance management program to help you become one of the best at what you do.

To help manage your career path, DST uses a career progression plan. All DST positions are assigned a level ranging from 1-5. Each level describes the level of education and the amount of experience an employee will need to go from one level to the next. The pay scale depends on the nature of the job and its location.

DST also has a pay for performance system. Standards of performance and goals are established, employees are rewarded based on meeting these standards and accomplishing goals.

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