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Rewards & Recognition

Service Recognition
Every DST employee receives an award to recognize years of service with the company. Employees are recognized for their 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th, and 15th year accomplishments.

New Hire Referral Bonus Program
We want the best people to work for us and we know that talented professionals keep in touch. You build good contacts over time and with great care - that's part of your professional stock-in-trade. We recognize that and we will reward you when we hire someone you have referred and recommended.

Data Systems & Technology, Inc. encourages employees to meet the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct, to grow professionally, and benefit from the career opportunities available through the company. Data Systems & Technology, Inc. established the "Reward of Excellence Program" to recognize individual employees that have achieved beyond normal job expectations. There are three types of awards an employee may receive:


  • Award recognizing individual achievement beyond normal job expectations.
  • Eligibility: All employees except Corporate Officers.


  • Award recognizes a group of employees for exceptional team performance.
  • Eligibility: All employees including Corporate Management.


  • Once a year award recognizing superior commitment to DST's vision and strategic interests.
  • Eligibility: All employees except Corporate Officers.

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