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5/28/10 10:24pm
Dst at a Glance Services Contract Vehicles

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Mission, Vision, Values
Data Systems and Technology, Inc (DST) is committed to excellence and provides professional Information Technology and Management Services to the U.S. Government and commercial customers. DST management maintains the highest ethical standards and expects employees to also maintain those standards. The company provides a positive work environment with an emphasis on diversity in the workforce. Key parts of DST's mission are to:
Exceed customer expectations through operational excellence,
Inspire and reward our employees based on performance-based objectives, and
Achieve superior financial results for those who entrust us with the management of their assets.
DSTs vision is to:
Be "Best in Class" as a SDB, HUBZone, Veteran Owned small business provider;
Be a "World Class" IT solution provider for Government and commercial clients;
Maintain strategic alliance with large and small businesses while being a partner of choice;
Be known for honesty, reliability, personal integrity, and corporate citizenship;
Inspire and reward employees;
Our Guiding Principles are:
Customer Focused Performance
Personal Integrity and High Ethical Standards
Sustained Profitability
"We provide our customers with quality products & services that meet or exceed their expectations through the effective management of all assignments."
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