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Data Systems & Technology, Inc.
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5/28/10 10:24pm
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DST At-A-Glance

Partnering with DST
Corporate Citizenship
DST At-A-Glance
Data Systems & Technology, Inc. (DST) providing proven solutions including systems integration, software engineering, design, development and testing, network services, and technology insertion for Government and commercial clients.

In keeping with our commitment to Excellence Through Teamwork, DST is committed to seeking out only the finest employees, managers and business partners. We then work together to combine the talents and strengths of our team members to routinely meet or exceed customer expectations.

Each of our team members is customer-focused, exhibiting the type and quality of personal integrity that leads to long term relationships, stability, and profitability. Our diverse workforce is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with the experience required to support customer commitments.

Nearly 20% of our workforce
have provided support to customer organizations for more than 20 years and almost half (42%) have more than 10 years of experience. We strongly encourage our staff to enrich themselves through education and community involvement.
"Teamwork is defined as a commitment to excellence, improvement and attainment of a common goal."
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