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5/28/10 10:24pm
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Partnering with DST
Corporate Citizenship
Partnering with DST
At DST, we develop partnering relationships that create synergies and long-term bonds. We combine our capabilities and experience with that of our alliance partners to reach new markets, enhance existing products and services, and cooperate in the development of new technological solutions.

Our revolutionary approach to information integration has opened new frontiers for customers dealing with challenges associated with information management and assurance. Developing alliances with world-class organizations provides new opportunities for both our alliance partners and ourselves.
Strategic Alliance Partnerships
Our commitment to Partnerships is comprised of strategic alliances with organizations that develop integrated technology offerings. Our Technology Partnerships are predicated upon the delivery of solutions with enhanced value as a result of the partnership.

Companies that have developed or are developing technology that would enhance the scope, versatility and power of solutions developed by DST, can benefit from partnering with us. Together, we can increase revenue streams by leveraging our mutual capacity to provide more robust customer solutions.

DST believes that Strategic Alliance Partnerships, developed with world-class organizations should enhance each partner's ability to solicit new customer relationships or pursue new opportunities.
TASC, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
SAIC Science Applications International Corporation
Ariston Consulting LLC
Optimum Output
Culturati Research & Consulting
NCI, Inc.
Booz Allen Hamilton
Quasars, Inc.
" Our Strategic Alliances are forged in honesty, excellence, respect
and trust."
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