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When it Comes to Technology, Don't Underestimate the Human Element
Data Systems and Technology, Inc. Launches New Web Site

RESTON, VA -- Perhaps one of the most significant changes since the start of the new century is the ease of use and increasing affordability of technologies previously reserved for large companies with huge budgets. In the recent past, few emerging businesses could afford the costs or have access to the expertise required to take full advantage of technology as a medium for improving day-to-day business processes. While managers of small and emerging businesses have always been innovative in their use new technologies, today's managers are also finding new uses for long-standing technologies, like the Internet.

As a contractor that has provided technology-related services to the federal government for more than a decade, Reston Virginia-based Data Systems and Technology (DST) is no stranger to technology's ability to transform business operations. Faced with marketplace consolidation and the ever-present need to manage costs and increase efficiencies, DST is using the Web to differentiate itself and improve on its ability to communicate with customers inside and outside of the company.

Jonathan Speed, DST's President and Chief Executive Officer feels that his employees are the company's key differentiator in the marketplace. Speed made a decision to use Web-based technologies, including off-the-shelf financial, time, and resource management tools, to enable his company to better leverage this fantastic resource – the one resource that is truly unique to DST.

When completed, SpeedWay, the code name being used for the project, will not only enable DST to market its services more efficiently and effectively, but will integrate many of the technologies the company uses everyday with aspects of DST's business development and project management processes.

"Most government contractors focus all of their marketing efforts on securing new contracts, but strengthening existing relationships can be even more important to long term success. This is a particularly exciting project given the profound implications of the services provided to all Americans by companies like DST. In creating this Web site, we are expanding upon DST's belief that there's no underestimating the value of the human element", says Speed. "Our commitment to 'Excellence Through Teamwork', is a commitment to our people and the people at our customer, partner and vendor locations." DST's team-based approach has yielded successful results for the company's customers.

The new DST Web site will be divided into two segments: A secure, password-protected portal will be designed to make important data, analysis tools, and resources available to employees, partners, clients, and vendors through a highly robust and integrated delivery platform. A public information and corporate support site focuses on customer relations, general information, and employment opportunities within the company.

"We've always seen ourselves as a leader in the provision of high-quality technological resources, but our marketing investments will be wasted if we don't effectively present our capabilities to the world", says DST's president, Speed. "Our new Web site not only provides easy access to information about DST, it informs visitors about some of our ground-breaking technology solutions and introduces them to some of the fine people responsible for creating and managing those solutions."

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